Engine Cadet and Engine Rating


Engine Room is the heart of Ship as it performs mechanical operations which not only runs the ship but also aids the sailors in various ways. Marine engineers are fully responsible for a ship’s engine room. It is headed by Chief Engineer. Engine Cadets are categorized in two – TME (Trainee Marine Engineer) and GME (Graduate Marine Engineer). Engine Cadets helps ship’s engineers in their duties in servicing the working belly of the ship i.e. Engine.

Like Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets too have to go through theoretical training and  practical training on ship before they are eligible for watch keeping licence.

They are enrolled in a training program of 18 months to 3 years of duration where majority time will be spent onboard gaining knowledge and experience.

An Engineering Cadet will be getting training in the control room, under the supervision of watch Engineer. They will be assisting Engineers in maintaining the Engine and other various equipment like Refrigerators, lifts, cranes, generator and mechanical pumps.Being an Engineering Cadet is the first step towards a rewarding career in the engineering department of a merchant ship.

As soon as an Engineering cadet goes onboard after pre-sea training, they learns everything in the practical aspect of what they learnt in pre-sea training. They meet people with different nationalities, adventures and becomes an essential part of team which handles the mechanism of the vessel.

An Engine Rating like Oilers work in more towards practical part. They also go through theoretical training  which mostly includes response in emergency situation like fire, personal safety. They help engineers in maintaining the engine and keep the utmost caution of cleanliness. They help Engineers to make smooth running of Engine and other machines.

Similarly, An Engine Rating have better Salary package than an Engine Cadet but It takes very less time for a Cadet to become a Marine Engineer.

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