Deck Cadet and Deck Rating


A deck cadet is an officer trainee who enrols in a training program. This training lasts from 18 months to 3 years where most of the time will be spent on Ship doing practical training and log down their training in a training record book which is to be signed by competent officers onboard. Deck Cadet works as a part of team where he or she assists the Deck Officers in their Daily work, Thus gaining knowledge and Experience.

Deck Cadet training starts by theoretical training on land. This is the first step towards an officer onboard. They are provided with the knowledge of navigation, ship’s operation, lifesaving appliances, emergency responses and other key factors. Being an officer trainee is the first move towards a prestigious career in the deck department of a cargo ship.

Once a deck cadet goes onboard after theoretical training, they learns everything in the practical aspect of this career. They meet people with different cultures, visit new places and becomes an essential part of team which handles the operation and efficient running of the vessel. The role of a deck cadet includes training in navigation and maintenance of a vessel under the supervision of the duty officer at all times. A Deck Cadet also performs everyday tasks like Pilotage Operation, Paper Work at Sea, Port Work, Tank Sounding and many more.

A Deck rating work in more towards practical part. They too have training on land which mostly includes response in emergency situation, ship’s handling, personal safety. They help deck officers in preparing the cargo holds for loading and discharging purpose. They contribute towards the maintenance and security on a cargo vessel. They carry cargo watches at port to monitor port operations. Deck rating also works on bridge as assisting lookout with the deck officer and serve as a helmsmen.  They have designated mooring stations at the time of docking helping ship to be alongside.

To summarise, A deck Rating have better Salary package than a Deck Cadet but It takes very less time for a Deck Cadet to become a Deck Officer as compared to a Deck Rating.

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