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About 90% of international trade is carried by Merchant Navy. Hence, increasing in growth for this industry is bringing mutual benefits to the population. This means, for world trade or in the eyes of a seafarer, our world will always be needing vessels(ships) and the first look of this sector will always be constant. Therefore, choosing our career at sea is an unique step as unlike other field, this field is still new to world. Even if the world changes drastically, life at sea will always be as steady as a rock. It is initiated by simple learning and specialised training at land and sea. You will get to work with high tech machines while developing a bridge of technical and practical skills. Shipping career is highly profitable and a smart choice of career. There are almost 50,000 merchant shippers moving all types of vessel while trading worldwide. Merchant navy is registered in about 160 Countries where over million sailors of different cultures are in operation. International Maritime Organisation(IMO) controls shipping sector worldwide.

A ship’s officer is categorised in two departments – engine & Deck. Apart from officer, we have what we call Ratings working on ship. All this starts once you enrol yourself as an officer trainee! Training in both the departments requires the simple mixture of theoretical knowledge at institution and practical training at sea.

Sounds good? You know, seafarers on cargo vessels carries marine-like ranks and have responsibilities which helps a person to evolve mentally.

In a nutshell, this career helps you to build confidence to lead a particular team and take charge plus it allows you to live life to a full because at sea, time off is calculated in weeks and months, not days.


One of the most attractive part of merchant navy other than the opportunity to travel around the globe and amazing adventures is the possibility of high wages to many youngsters making a career in this field. merchant navy differs from navy as it offers commercial touch rather than being involved in the defence.

In this particular field, a fresher can earn from 15,000/- to 50,000/- INR which is TAX FREE. Merchant Navy seems the only industry to offer this much salary to a fresher with steady growth. Indians tend to have an advantage in this field as the documents issued by the DG Shipping(Indian Merchant Navy Authorities) are liable and well recognised all over the world.

People often think that what is the reason behind these extremely attractive wages. One of the main reason is that a sailor lives outside their own country for some time which makes this job tax free.

Also, one is not bound to a particular rank as you can easily appear for next level exams and get a better package. In other words, a person cannot always be on a same rank as everyone wants to grow. So, if they go for a competency exam for upper level and with the required eligibilities, they succeed then a person can get a better rank with much better pay packages.

Let’s discuss the ‘plausible’ salary for the officers as per their ranks and experiences:

So, the general echelon in the engine department is as follows:

Engine Department

Chief Engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
4th Engineer
Engine Cadet (Engineer Trainee)

Engine Cadet gets around 250-450USD
4E gets around 1800-2500USD
3E gets around 2500-3500USD
2E gets around 4500-6500USD
And a Chief Engineer gets around 7000-10000USD
*All depends as per the experience, type of ship and nationality
The general echelon in the deck department is as follows:

Deck Department

2nd MATE
3rd MATE
Deck Cadet (officer trainee)

Deck Cadet gets around 250-400USD
3rd MATE gets around 2000-3000USD
2nd MATE gets around 3500-4500USD
CHIEF MATE gets around 6500-8000USD
And a MASTER gets around 9000-12000USD
*All depends as per the experience, type of ship and nationality

Rating Department

Ordinary Seaman
Able Seamen
And seafarers under this department can earn up to 1000 USD

Types of Ships:

  • Bulk Carrier
  • Pure Car Carrier
  • Chemical Tanker
  • RO-RO Ships
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier
  • Oil Tanker
  • Container Vessels
  • Reefer Ships
  • Heavy Lift Ships
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